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Manolo Blahnik Shoes

August 14, 2009

Years. Manolo has always been a fashion legend, and as the world’s greatest shoemaker. The shoes he designed elegant chic, flowing lines of a sexy, willing to spend £ 400 a pair of customers the cost of many people.
Early life: Manolo was born in 1943 in Spain, the Canary Islands banana types of Park and his mother was Spanish, my father is Czech. He and his sister, Evangeline (Evangeline) subject to strict childhood home, from their demeanor in the sense that the good old-fashioned education. He was in Geneva to study languages and art, in 1968, Manolo came to Paris, determined to become a designer.
Start at the beginning: in 1970 when he visited New York to show of their own design to the United States “vogue” of the editor-in-chief Diana. Freeland (Diana Vreeland) to see. Diana designed shoes for his much appreciated and encouraged him to play in this regard and further studies. Manolo began to visit shoe factories, and workers with the operation of exchanges, London’s most famous designers at the time. Clark (Ossie Clark) made use of his shoes, and asked him to design their own campaign launch . From then on, the cause of  Manolo started on the right track. In 1973, his “twenty Chelpin” opening a shoe store.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik

Craft skills: Manolo most of the time now to work in Italy. He is a true craftsman, and even footwear last production but also personally. He also drew a lot of the design draft, the draft has become the blueprint for advertising appeared in magazines around the world on fashion.
Personal life: Manolo is the world’s clothing, one of the most elegant men. His public image is always perfect. He hated the so-called men’s fashion, over the past two decades, he has been a double-breasted dress suit.
Manolo little to stop working, as a result of the reasons for his frequent travel abroad. Fashion circles as the “regular” members, he often appears in the famous exhibition of the front position. In a rare vacation time. He will return to the home of Bath, or to the Canary Islands to visit his mother.
Celebrity customers: Manolo mostly female customers who: Madonna, Naomi, Kate, Nicole. Kidman and so on. Over the years, he produced a number of senior men’s shoes as well as the preferred vision of the men. Manolo for Gagliano, Michael. Coles shoes and other fashion designers. There will always be his unique design, fashion design has never concealed glory.
His view: “a pair of good shoes is a beautiful part of fashion. The design of high-grade shoes, the need for comfort, quality and style to find a balance point between.” Lightweight sports shoes for Manolo has always been despised by “the color of their pale, and filthy in appearance and very often! ”
Road to success: Manolo shoes no matter how high the price is always just launched a few weeks to sold out. As he said: “We are talking about Fallon is produced using traditional hand shoes. Of course, they are expensive, but at such a price, however.”
Other people’s evaluation of: Bianca – Jagne: “He is not only a good shoemaker, but is also a great artist.” Sandra – Bernhard: “He’s fine with extremely sexy shoes.” Paloma — Picasso: “I can not my shoes, even if it is in a dream.”